Manufacturing Experts At Your Fingertips

 Simply put, we offer on-demand expert solutions to your manufacturing problems. 

Increase your productivity and flexibility without liability and overhead costs.

Extensive experience in semiconductors, aerospace, automotive, medical, defense, energy, oil and gas and more. We worked on many amazing projects across different industries. Some of companies we are extensively familiar with are Applied Materials, LAM research, Tesla, SpaceX, Sanmina, Airbus, Loral Space & Communications, Coherent Inc, Novellus Systems, US Department of Energy, US Department of Defense, Sandia National Laboratories, Apple, and many more.

On-Demand Contract CNC Programming Services

Quick turn-around and accurate CNC programs. Our CNC Programmers have worked in worked in semiconductors, aerospace, automotive, medical, defense, energy, oil and gas and more. Quick turn-around and accurate CNC programming services. Detailed fixture and hardware designs and models.

Mechanical Design & Drafting Services

We’ll help you develop drawings and 3D solid model designs including reverse engineering that match original as-designed features and aid OEMs to re-manufacture the components. Our expert mechanical design engineers and mechanical CAD drafters are able to use various CAD platforms such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, SpaceClaim and Inventor to expedite design cycle time.

Process Optimization

Reduce costs and cycle time. Our machining experts can help you standardize, optimize and streamline your production & operation processes. We will work with you to analyze and rethink procedures to develop and test a tighter workflow production process based on lean manufacturing principles.

About Machining Partner

We Offer Complete Sourcing Solutions

The demands of today’s competitive manufacturing climate are many: rapid product introduction, condensed product life cycles, tighter cost control and shorter lead times.

Machining Partner is your ultimate sourcing partner with the industry know-how and deep relationships formed over the decades with reliable strategic partners.

Get Started. See how we can help you!


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