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Established Amazon FBA business for sale est. 2018

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Welcome to an exceptional opportunity to own an Amazon FBA business. Founded in 2018, this business has a solid foundation and positive reviews. Currently underutilized, it offers significant growth potential for the right buyer. With a verified healthy account status across the lucrative markets of the USA, Canada, and Mexico, and several high-profile brand approvals, this business is ready for expansion. Ideal for entrepreneurs, investors, or companies looking to grow their product offerings, this business offers a robust platform for success.

Account Health

Verified healthy status across multiple regions, including the lucrative markets of the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Historical sales data to make informed decisions, identify growth opportunities, and strategize effectively for future expansion

Easy Brand Approvals

Due to its age and established status, this account can easily get approved to sell high-profile brands or rebrand for your own products. This advantage reduces barriers to entry and accelerates your ability to offer a diverse product range.

Customer Reviews

Benefit from 100% positive feedback, ensuring a clean and trustworthy account. This excellent track record provides instant credibility and fosters customer trust, making it easier for you to attract and retain customers.

Low-Risk Investment

Acquiring this established business minimizes startup risks and provides a solid foundation for growth. With a proven operational history and verified market presence, you can confidently build on a stable platform and focus on scaling and innovation.

Track Record and Financial Overview

Unlock the potential of a thriving Amazon FBA business. This overview highlights consistent sales, healthy account status, and significant growth opportunities. Ideal for entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses, this account offers a reliable foundation with minimal startup risks. Explore the financials to see how this account can drive your business success.


The account’s flexibility and healthy status ensure that you can scale operations smoothly, whether you choose to add more products or expand into new markets.

Growth Potential

Historical sales data and trends indicate strong growth potential, allowing you to make informed decisions and strategize for future expansion.

Diverse Product Opportunities

Easily diversify into various product categories and industries, leveraging the account’s established credibility to get approved for selling high-profile brands. Business listed over 200 items.

Sales Activity

First sale in August 2018 and last sale in May 2023, demonstrating longevity and reliability.

Value Proposition

The true value of this Amazon FBA account lies in its established credibility and flexibility, not in existing inventory or supplier ties. With no current inventory or supplier relationships to manage, you have the freedom to easily introduce new brands and products. This account’s healthy status and verified performance provide an ideal foundation for rapid growth and diversification into various product categories.

Revenue and Profit

Total income of $21,788.66, illustrating consistent performance and significant growth potential. The account’s proven reliability provides a robust platform for easy entry into new product categories and industries.

Low Risk

Acquiring this established account minimizes startup risks and provides a solid foundation for scaling and innovation

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Easy to Restart

Simply add products, send to FBA, or choose to sell by merchant. The account’s healthy status ensures a smooth process.

Sell Diverse range of products

The account is approved to sell a diverse range of brands, showcasing its robust standing and potential for easy expansion into various product categories. Some of the brands include: AriZona, YG, NIUHOM, Kopiko, Account Review, Huy Fong, Betty Crocker, Annie’s Homegrown, Dunkin’, Coffee, Peet’s Coffee, Dawn, ACT II, Om, Rhythm Superfoods, Bobo’s, McCafe, Lakanto, Sof Sole, SlimFast, Buddha Teas, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Wusic, Pesticides and Pesticide Devices, Clorox Health & Personal Care, The Original Donut Shop, Munchkin Baby, Glad Health & Personal Care, BioSchwartz Health & Personal Care, Chosen Foods, teraswhey, Blue Diamond Almonds…

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